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Address:Guangzhou Chatou wide sea Hougang Street West No. 6 Xinghua Industrial Area.
Service Hotline:86442759
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    Guangzhou Hing Wah Glass Industry Co.Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise whose main business scope includes an extensive range of research, development, production, installation, sales and service.

    Hing Wah production base is located in Hi- ng Wah Industrial Zone of Guangzhou Chatou,The total area of its workshop is 30,000 square meters and it is equipped with extra-large scale glass toughening production lines and advanced gl- ass processing equipments, has capacity of producing various types of top quality security and decorative glass including toughened glass, laminated glass, hollow glass, flameproof glass, bulletproof glass, color changing glass, art glass, furniture glass and filming glass, which can be extensi- vely used in the construction of curtain wall, decoration, secure side, financial location as well as autos.

     With special safety glass of bulletproof, lameproof, explosion prot- ection as well as color changing glasses produced by Hing Wah, the company becomes the designated production enterprise for national provinc- ial pu- blic security departments, financial units including banks and manufact- urers of special types of vehicles in china as well as has the largest ma- rket share in the country.

     Sanitary Ware Business Department --- Viva Sanitary Ware researches and develops the excellent shower rooms, glass basins and stainless steel faucets that gain a world reputation.

     Top quality is our principle and Hing Wah has ISO9001:2000 internatio- nal quality system certificate as well as China Compulsory Certificate. The most valuable asset of Hing Wah is our excellent human resource. We stick to the core values of team work, responsibility, study, achievem- ents and innovation and are to provide both quality products and quality service to our customers by adopting internationalized and informationized management. Express the Hing Wah operation philosophy of Care society and keep co- mmintment with the first-clss service for global customers.
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